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  • Duration: 60 Days
  • Class type: - ONLINE/OFFLINE
  • Batches: Weekdays, Weekends
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CIC Course

Certified Inpatient Coder (CIC) credential is dedicated exclusively to inpatient hospital/facility coding, validating expert-level knowledge in ICD-10-CM/PCS coding and specialized payment knowledge in MS-DRGs and IPPS.

Investing in the CIC credential can lead to a 40% higher earning potential for certified coders compared to non-credentialed coders.

Objectives of CIC Training

Proficiency in reviewing medical records to abstract essential information for accurate inpatient coding.

Expertise in assigning precise ICD-10 codes for diagnoses and procedures in the inpatient setting.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the latest regulations and issues in medical coding, compliance, and reimbursement, specifically focusing on MS-DRG and IPPS systems.

Strong ability to adapt to coding and reimbursement rule changes, including updating the CDM, fees, and UB04 Field Locators.

Solid understanding of anatomy, physiology, and medical terminology, vital for correct coding of facility services and diagnoses.

In-depth knowledge of different hospital types and departments, including teaching hospitals, ASCs, and outpatient departments.

Mastery in the business aspects of hospital inpatient services, differentiating between inpatient and outpatient services, payment methodologies, and compliance regulations.

CIC Preparation in thought flows academy VS Other?

  • Specialized Focus: Thoughtflows Medical Coding Academy specializes in inpatient coding and the CIC certification, providing comprehensive training in this specific area.
  • Experienced Instructors: Our instructors are highly experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge of inpatient coding and the CIC certification, offering valuable real-world expertise.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Our CIC training program covers all necessary topics and competencies, regularly updated to align with coding guidelines and industry standards.
  • Practical Application: Thoughtflows emphasizes hands-on training through case studies and coding exercises, allowing you to apply your knowledge in real-life scenarios.
  • High Exam Success Rate: Our academy has a proven track record of high pass rates in the CIC certification, reflecting the effectiveness of our training approach.
  • Flexible Learning Options: Thoughtflows offers flexible learning options, including online courses and self-paced study materials, catering to different schedules and learning styles.
  • Career Development Support: In addition to exam preparation, we provide career development resources, job placement assistance, and networking opportunities to support your professional growth as a certified CIC.


Yes, many institutions offer online CIC training programs. Online training provides flexibility and allows you to study at your own pace.
There are no specific prerequisites for CIC training. However, having a background in medical coding or healthcare can be beneficial.
The CIC exam consists of 40 multiple-choice questions and 7 inpatient case fill-in-the-blank questions. Candidates have 4 hours to complete the exam, and a passing score of 70% is required.
During the CIC exam, candidates are allowed to use open code books or manuals.
CIC training enhances your coding skills and demonstrates your expertise in inpatient coding. It can open up new career opportunities in hospitals, medical facilities, and healthcare organizations.
CIC salary in India ranges from INR 2.5-15 lakhs per year, depending on experience. Abroad, CIC salaries vary, with entry-level around $40k-$60k and experienced professionals earning $60k-$100k+ annually
Exam fees is 775 dollar
The maximum number of attempts for the CIC exam per payment is two.
To schedule the CIC exam with Thoughtflows, submit Aadharcard & pan or voter ID as proof to booking for AAPC slot.